Consciousness Coaching Information

What is Consciousness Coaching?

Consciousness Coaching is a process for facilitating and accelerating a person’s conscious evolution.  Some people would refer to it as spiritual growth.  It involves personal interaction between the coach and the client, to assist the client in reaching their consciousness goals.

Is Consciousness Coaching Right for You?

Working with a consciousness coach is not for everyone.  Conscious evolution is by definition a growth process.  Growth requires change, and to change, people must step outside their comfort zones.  not everyone is ready to take that step.  Until a person is committed to moving forward, consciousness coaching is unlikely to be a good expenditure of their time or resources.  no amount of coaching can assist a person who is not ready for change.

Interviewing a Prospective Consciousness Coach

If you are contemplating retaining a Consciousness Coach to work with, there are some things you should first consider.  It would be a good idea to request a preliminary interview.  A prospective coach should, after a review of your life circumstances and what you hope to achieve through coaching, be able to advise you whether or not Consciousness Coaching would, or would not be, a good means of attaining your objectives.  If it is a good fit for you, they should be able to explain to you in clear terms, how coaching would help you achieve the objectives you wish to achieve.  Finally, you will want to make sure you have a good rapport with a prospective coach before you retain them.  As consciousness work involves keep and often challenging issues, you need to be comfortable with your prospective coach’s personality and coaching style. As trust is often involved, you should select a Consciousness Coach that you respect.