Elevating Consciousness

Elevating Consciousness is a Two Part Process

In the initial stages, elevating consciousness is a two-part process

In organizing the initial approach to elevating consciousness, it is helpful to think of it in two parts:

1.  continuously observing what you are feeling

2.  continuously observing what you are thinking

Elevating consciousness begins with paying close attention to what happens within you.  Every minute of every day, you should be keenly aware of the feelings that are going on in your body, and the thoughts that are going through your head.  For the vast majority of people, these things run in the background and they are only aware of the product of these processes. 

Part One:  Sharpen your awareness of stimuli that influence your feelings.

Many people are aware of feelings they have, but are not aware of exactly how those feelings arose.  For example a person may realize that they are angry.  However, that anger may only be the end result of a complex internal process.  The anger may be only a portion of what they are feelings.  And while there may be many other feelings below the surface, the anger is the only one that grew strong enough to actually surface in their conscious awareness.  Without stopping and thinking about it, the person may not know exactly what made them angry.  They may be aware that they were angered by a conversation they just had, but they don’t know which specific words rubbed them the wrong way.  Nor do they know what feelings were initially triggered that led to their anger.  Perhaps it was just one sentence that made them feel insulted, and bruised their pride.  Perhaps it was one small comment that triggered one of their insecurities.  Perhaps something came across as a threat which caused fear. 

A person who is consciously aware of their feelings, will recognize the instant someone says something that upsets them.  They will be aware of exactly which words irritated them and why.  They will also be aware of what feelings and thoughts arise within them as a result.  Because of this, hey can observe the chain of reactions that follow.  This kind of awareness, is called source awareness. The person is aware of the source (or trigger) of the flow of thoughts or emotions that they experience.  Once a person achieves source awareness they gain control over their reactions. They can control or break the chain of emotional and mental reactions that would otherwise automatically occur outside of their awareness. 



Part Two: Sharpen your awareness of your assumptions, beliefs and the flow of your thoughts. 

The second part of raising/expanding consciousness is expanding one’s frame of reference.  This process is primarily mental and has to do with the way a person things and the assumptions and beliefs they hold.  If involves continually expanding the points of view that one that takes into account when making decisions.  The more information a person has, the better a decision they can make.  Likewise, the more points of view a person is capable of drawing from in evaluating a situation, the better the understanding they will have.  

Elevating the mental aspect of consciousness is a process of continually expanding the frame of reference within which one operates.  One example comes from the school-age years.  Most people are familiar with the intense pain experienced by some “crisis” they experienced during their years in school.  At the time the crisis seemed monumental.  But when later viewed in the context the person’s entire life, it was really a minor occurrence.  The same is true when considering present life events.  When viewed from the perspective of this one life, they may seem major or even devastating.  But our souls view things from the perspective of many, many lifetimes.  And when we view things from the perspective of our souls, the significance of these events shifts significantly.  Likewise, viewing life from the perspective of the soul, drastically reduces fear and anxiety.  The “worst” that can happen in this life (death), is of little significance to the soul.


Source Awarenss

In addition to gaining control over their reactions, people who have source awareness gain familiarity with how external events affect their thoughts and feelings. Once they have achieved this, when they encounter energy or feelings that have no apparent external source, they know the origin is likely deep within themselves. It could be arising out of their subconscious, or it could be messages coming from their soul. Having this awareness and understanding enables them to recognize the messages and guidance their soul sends them, always with the aim of helping them experience the richest and most fulfilling life possible.