Coaching Services

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Individual Consciousness Coaching

Consciousness Coaching for individuals is a focused program for improving your quality of life experience.  Coaching is tailored to address each person’s particular needs, desires and circumstances.  For more details on how Consciousness Coaching can help, please view Consciousness Coaching Information

Coaching services are provided in person and/or over the phone.  Arranging coaching time is simple,  call 214-287-3904 and set up an appointment.  Be sure and specify whether you are seeking an in-person or telephone appointment, as in-person appointments must be specifically scheduled as such.  Then use the button below within 24 hours to pay for and guarantee reservation of your scheduled appointment.  At the time of your appointment arrive at the office at least 5 minutes before scheduled time, or we will call the telephone number you provide to begin.  Appointments are scheduled for 20, 50, 80 minute sessions. 

Standard Consciousness Coaching

Session length

Advanced Consciousness Coaching

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Refund Policy
Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all our services or your money back.  
To receive a full refund, request must be made within 30 days of your receipt of the product or service, except in the case of seminars/workshops.  To receive a full refund for a seminar/workshop, request must be made within 6 months of completion of the seminar/workshop.