Elevating Consciousness

A Primer for Beginners

The people who truly excel, who find their way to happy and fulfilling lives, are the ones who have learned how to consistently function at high levels of consciousness.   ~ John Smotherman

The purpose of this primer is to help people begin the journey towards higher consciousness.  It suggests several exercises which assist in establishing habits and skills that will lay the groundwork for self-development of consciousness.  Although the journey is not a short one, the long-term rewards are priceless.

Let’s start with Consciousness…

One definition of consciousness is the ability of a system to respond to stimuli.

Consciousness can also be thought of as awareness.  So as it relates to these exercises, consciousness can be thought of as a person’s awareness of, and ability to respond to stimuli.  The starting process for raising or expanding one’s consciousness is to increase their alertness to what is happening in any given moment.  In the early stages, this means becoming more mindful of the thoughts and feelings going on inside oneself.  As consciousness is raised, the additional layer of increased awareness of one’s environment is added.

Love and help are constantly coming our way.  All we have to do is tune into it.

Few people recognize the universe as constantly at work, trying to help each of us olive the most fulfilling life possible.  The reason so few people recognize this reality is that they are unaware of the help that they are constantly being sent.

Love is the life-blood of our souls, which constantly work to guide us to the richest most satisfying life we can experience.  If won’t always be the easiest route, but it will be the most gratifying.  To help each of us on this quest, our soul continuously sends us loving guidance, using the wisdom it has gained over many, many lifetimes.  If we miss out on this treasure trove of blessings, it is only because we don’t hear the messages.

Unfortunately, few people have invested the effort to expand and elevate their consciousness.  Consequently, they are unable to receive and act on the guidance they are sent.  This situation is lief a person who wants more money, but instead of cash they keep getting rocks thrown at them.  The know they’re not getting any money because there are no dollars coming their way.  What they don’t realize is that the “rocks” all around them are actually gold.  Because they have it in their mind that they need CASH, unless it comes in the form of dollar bills, they don’t recognize what’s happening.  They don’t recognize that what they are getting is exactly what they want.  Once they realize they can exchange the gold for cash, all their problems are solved.

One of the most obvious observations is that the “money” most people really want is happiness.  What good would it do to be a millionaire and very  unhappy?  Most of the things people want are desired because it is believed that those things will bring them happiness.  This type of approach rarely works because the source of happiness lies within who we are, not in what we have.  And so the most important and critical activity we can engage is coming to a thorough understanding of who we are.  This means understanding ourselves on both a physical and spiritual level.

Most people think of themselves as a physical body and the mind supported by that body. But that is only half of who we are.  The other half of us is spiritual.  Unfortunately, many people go their entire lives without ever developing an awareness of the spiritual side of themselves.  They may believe that they have a soul, but they’ve never felt its activity within them.  So they have no awareness of their soul as being distinct or different from their physical bodies.  The exercises in this primer help set the state for a realization of one’s soul and its influence on their life.