Welcome to our free eCard service!

Use our eCards to send best wishes for a birthday or holiday, congratulations for special occasions, to let someone know you’re thinking about them, or for any other occasion you desire.  It’s simple, easy, and only takes a couple of minutes to remind the special people in your life, that they are special.

Easy to send to your special person!
Select from a variety of categories, add your sentiments, input the senders email information, and click to send! Your chosen ecard will be emailed to the recipient who will be able to view it in entirety within the email they receive.  No need to link over to pick up their card.  

We do not save personal information of anyone who uses our service.  We simply wish for you to enjoy sending inspiring images and quotes.  

A little smile, a simple gesture of kindness, can go a long way. Won’t you send one today?

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